About Laura

About meHello, my name’s Laura and I am passionate about healthy eating. I have a background and job in media & marketing but my interest in nutrition started in 2009 when I moved to London (from Italy).

Living in London can be really challanging by a culinary point of you: amazing variety of food and restaurants from everywhere but also too many fatty and unhealthy options, easily and cheaply available everywhere. And then, the time’s matter. Busy life, hectic lifestyle…less time to cook and eat properly.

When I was pregnant of my first daughter I enrolled to a Nutrition Course and in 2012 qualified as a Clinical Nutritionist and Healthy Eating & Well Being Advisor.

I  believe in a “non-diet” approach. My philosophy is simple: diets don’t work! “Deprivation diets are a short term solution. Lifetime success can only be attained by nourishing the body with healthy foods that are enjoyable and conducive to ones nutrition goals.”

So currently, besides my full time job as ‘Penelope’s mum (and again mum to be) and part time job for a media company I am a full time Italian home cook  who enjoys cooking wholesome yet luscious treats for family and friends and sharing recipes on this blog.





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