Basil smoothies

Being Italian, I have always used basil in a lot of recipes but never thought of tossing it to smoothies too. Then read about this idea on Women Health Magazine and decided to have a go!

Basil has got anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties. Flavor is fresh and sweet, yummy!

I have tried it in two different smoothies this week.

  1. The first smoothie is made with cantaloupe, apples, pineapple, one handful of basil and chia seeds. Very sween and refreshing!

Basil Smoothie

2. This is a very summery smoothie made with Peaches, Poly Pears, Blueberries, Hemp powder and… BASIL! Topped with coconut yogurt and extra blueberries.


Besil Smoothie with Summer Berries

Blitz and Enjoy x


About Laura

I am passionate about healthy eating. I have a background and job in media & marketing but my interest in nutrition started in 2009 when I moved to London (from Italy). I enjoy cooking wholesome yet luscious treats for my family and friends and sharing recipes on my blog
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One Response to Basil smoothies

  1. that sounds good! i have never tried basil in a smoothie but that sounds like a really good idea!


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