Quick, Cheap & Healthy Homemade Pizza

Low calories vegan healthy pizzaThumbs up who doesn’t like pizza….not many, I guess. Pizza is one of the most famous and ancient food in the world.  Foods similar to pizza have been prepared since the neolithic age. However, pizza is often high in total fats, saturated fat, sodium and calories.

A 2012 study by the UK Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH) group found out that takeaway pizzas contain up to two and a half times more salt than the average supermarket pizza.

A full list of the Top saltiest takeaway pizzas can be found here. Furthermore, pizzas are expensive too. A simple 13” Margherita can range from  2,99 £ in supermarkets to 8,90£ to 12.99 in restaurants, and the price goes up for more varied flavors.

Make your own pizza at home: save money and calories

In order to save time, money & calories, a quick solution is to buy a pizza base and prepare your toppings at home. On the market there a few options available now, gluten free and whole grains alternatives included. I usually go for Biona Organic 2 Wholewheat Pizza Bases 300g (£ 2.40 from Ocado) or Biona Organic Pizza Bases -Spelt – 2 bases 300g

Make your pizza skinnier & healthier

There are a few basic rules to prepare a simple and low calories pizza at home:

  1.     Do not add salt to the topping
  2.     Do not add cheese or mozzarella
  3.     Do not add meat or cured meats
  4.     Do not add fatty oils rather then 1 tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Easy and healthy pizza toppings
Here you go with a few ideas for healthier and delicious topping ideas:

  1.     Steamed vegetables
  2.     Fresh salad
  3.     Raw vegetables
  4.     Add seeds
  5.     Add spices

My  Homemade Pizza (using a pizza base, of course) : a few days ago I made this simple pizza with:

  • steamed carrots and asparagus,
  • fresh cherry tomatoes, fennel, rocket salad,
  • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil and
  • a sprinkle of mixed seed.

Low calories vegan healthy pizzaFor further inspiring and tempting healthy pizza recipe ideas, have a look this blog post on Healthy Vegan Pizza Recipes by Vegan Richa. And if you have time for making a pizza dough as well, check out the  low-salt pizza recipe worked out by the Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH) group.

Enjoy your homemade pizza x


About Laura

I am passionate about healthy eating. I have a background and job in media & marketing but my interest in nutrition started in 2009 when I moved to London (from Italy). I enjoy cooking wholesome yet luscious treats for my family and friends and sharing recipes on my blog
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